20 March 2017


The world's technological future will be played out in Europe!

Nurturing our openness!
The world’s technological future will be played out in Europe!
Sectors such as energy, life sciences, transport and new technologies are growing. To maintain its position, European industry must be demanding to compete worldwide.
In what will soon be 11 years of history, and with more than 2600 staff now, agap2 has been built up by recruiting talented individuals everywhere in Europe!
We recruit in European grandes écoles (elite colleges) and universities, we are able to form multidisciplinary teams from different countries, we enjoy the best of each culture and we push projects forward. This cultural strength enables us to provide the best services and thus meet the high demands of the market with operational teams throughout the world.
By nurturing our openness to Europe and the world, we hope to take agap2 even further!