20 mars 2017


A new department was created in the headquarters in Basel.

By the end of 2016, a new department was created in the headquarters in Basel : The Technical Expertise Department (TED). All Consultant in Inter Contrat (IC) joins this department which activities are organized by the Technical Expertise Manager (TEM), Mischa Schmidt.
The department has three major fields of activity :

1. Support of consultants on projects
The IC consultants are supporting consultants on projects according to the needs of the clients and/or of the agap2 consultants on projects, and on the expertise of the IC consultants. Examples include writing of documents or drawings with sharp deadlines.

2. Knowledge management
IC consultants are participating in the acquisition, analysis, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge within the internal agap2 network.

3. Full Package Projects based on deliverable
IC consultants are participating in projects based on deliverable  according to the demand of a client to this different length and complexity, from the writing of a SOP to the answer of a call for tender for Commissioning, Qualification and Validation activities on utilities upgrade. 
From now on, all agap2 consultants can work with the TED, either by suggesting projects from the client, or by asking support on their projects.