Our CSR initiatives

A commitment to be applied on a daily basis


Waste recycling with ELISE

Several of the Group’s agencies have entrusted the Elise network with the recycling of their waste paper. A specialist in the collection, sorting and reuse of office waste, Elise stands out for its policy of employing disabled and marginalised people.



Collections and donations

agap2 mobilises its teams. For a number of years, agap2 employees have been taking action at local level, with food collections, small-change campaigns and toy collections, with a single aim: solidarity.

Supporting contemporary artists

agap2 supports creative artists in their creative pursuits. More than a support action, the spirit of agap2 is also expressed through these works of art: open-mindedness, curiosity and sharing. This is an innovative way of promoting people’s creative expression by exhibiting works of art for all on a daily basis.

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Supporting innovative projects

Since May 2016, agap2 has been a partner of the Eco Motion Team, a group of students from the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Technologies de Nancy (ESSTIN), which takes part in the Shell-Eco Marathon Europe each year.
This competition challenges students to design, build and drive vehicles that are as energy-efficient as possible. Over a period of several days, the teams are tasked with travelling as far as possible while using as little fuel as possible.

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Running for a good cause

Organised by the pharmaceutical group Roche, the Roche Children’s Walk brings together tens of thousands of employees, on more than 100 Roche sites throughout the world each year. This race is held to collect donations for children in need. agap2 Switzerland is taking part!

The J.P. Morgan Challenge is a race organised for companies and organisations around the world. This charity race makes it possible to develop sports projects for young disabled people. Well done to agap2 Frankfurt for getting involved!