Our vision

We aim to be among the very best consultancy and engineering companies. Our ambition is to become a leader in industry and IT sectors, while pursuing innovation and maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit.




We are a technology group whose role is to meet the technological challenges and needs of our clients and partners around the world.

We recruit talented individuals who, on a daily basis, carry out the projects entrusted to us by our clients, which can be extremely complex and involve technologies that are difficult to grasp.

We work with tight deadlines, with technologies that are sometimes difficult to implement and, above all, with unwavering respect for our teams. This is what our clients expect from us.


Here at agap2, we foster the pride of being engineers. Whatever our function within the Group, we are first and foremost engineers, who are passionate about technology and always prepared to give the best of ourselves.

Ten years following the creation of agap2, we are still driven by the desire to outdo ourselves. We stand by our choice to allow our teams to work with clients in a wide variety of fields and industry sectors, to avoid creating “single-culture” experts, and to make it possible to meet challenges with a transversal approach.

Our ability to transpose solutions from one area to another, and provide our clients with intelligence from other sectors, makes it possible for us to better analyse their needs and requirements.



 Proximity with our clients when providing services is absolutely essential in order to:

  • Ensure that support is regularly provided to our project teams;
  • Remain responsive for our clients.

agap2 continually invests in order to maintain this proximity, with the creation of a number of local agencies: today, agap2 is present in nine European countries.